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SkillPROOF launches KRAZOOM - Job Search without Search

Searching with keywords for jobs online is a pain! It starts with guessing keywords. The average job posting has 20 requirements which job seekers have to match in order to be considered for the job. Most people guess a couple of words like "java" or "marketing". Then they wreck their brain to guess variations of different keywords. It feels like going in circles. What a waste of time!

SkillPROOF has launched KRAZOOM. KRAZOOM is different than all other job boards. There is no keyword search on KRAZOOM. Instead job seekers select the job requirements they can match. KRAZOOM then sorts job postings where job seekers match the most. Anybody can easily find jobs that are a good fit. Just keep clicking the job requirements you can match. Job seekers read only those job postings that are meant for them. This saves sooooooo much time! Employers love it because of the better match to their job postings. KRAZOOM lists hundreds of thousands of open positions. Get started now!

US Online Job Market, April 2014

Connecticut Job Market has best Showing since 2008

August 22, 2014
Connecticut Job Market has best Showing since 2008
The Connecticut job market is finally showing more signs of recovery. In July, labor demand, the number of job openings posted on corporate websites grew to 34,300 opportunities with work locations in the state. While there was no month-over-month change compared with June labor demand…

Connecticut Job Market disappoints in March, 2014

April 9, 2014
Connecticut Job Market disappoints in March, 2014
The Connecticut job market held its position in March. Employers posted just 0.7% more job openings than in February. Labor demand in the state continues to disappoint. Year over year employers posted 1.8% fewer job opportunities than March of last year. The downward trend in…

Job Market Forecast: Connecticut, February 2014

February 5, 2014
Job Market Forecast: Connecticut, February 2014
January brought little improvement to the job market in Connecticut. The daily average of job openings posted on employers' websites remained unchanged at 24,000. Nevertheless, the outlook for February improved as we expect more job openings over the next 30 days to be posted. Reason…


Job Openings by Area

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